This is the end

Published: jeu. 01 décembre 2022
By Gaël

In Start.

Translations: fr was a half-public Mastodon server, closed today.

Your are here on the memorium page. The project started in april 2017.

Why this is over ?

For... reasons :

  1. In the firt place Mastodon was hard to maintain and update properly.
  2. With few and few people connecting to the service the point 1 was getting stronger with the time.

At the beginning of 2020, we asked users to move away with their data and followers. will be closed.

And my data ?

You got data on ? Then its gone for ever :-(.

We destroy every data related to the mastodon service we hosted. The backups where also deleted.

Indeed, the Mastodon server was destroy following the official documentation with : tootctl self-destruct. Then, the database was droped.

Can I get my toots back ?

No. Sorry it's to late. Everything was deleted.

I've go questions / Please let's stay in touch

Write us on the Fediverse: or

See you.